Monday, January 10, 2011

Toilet man

Here is one of the story i encountered in my secondary school. It still make my hair stand till now when i think of it . Our class room was situated on the 2nd floor of the school . There is only one toilet for the guys . Most of us would avoid using the toilet after hear alot of the story of what happen in there . But It happen to me one very fated day .

While sited in the class and listening to our teacher teaching , suddenly i feel a very sharp pain in my tummy .I raised my hand and got excuse to go into the toilet . I went down one floor to use the toilet but it my bad luck day the toilet is out of service . Been forced to use the toilet at the 4rd floor , i climb back up and use the toilet .

Walking into the one of the cubicle of the toilet , I sat down and began my business. Halfway thru my business i heard the opening of the toilet door . Footstep was heard walking into the toilet and soon the footstep was heard walking out of the door . This happen a few times as if there is only one cubicle in the toilet and  the person seem in rush to use the toilet .

I remember there is 3 cubicle in the toilet and i was in the 1st toilet which it seem more clean and safe . I continue to heard the a few times door been open and the pacing up and down seem the same pattern . Not able to stand the pacing i finish up the business and walk out of the toilet . I walk  out of the toilet and saw my friend whose classroom can see the toilet . I walk over and ask my friend did alot of people went into the toilet just now ...His reply is so simple that i went jelly right at the spot ...I only saw you went into the toilet and waited from just now till now no one enter or exit the toilet...from then on i never goes into the toilet again .