Wednesday, December 22, 2010

missin in action

it have been a very busy month for me this year ,sorry for the late update of story but rest assure it coming .  do watch out for me with this two week

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Green face with snake

1st of all , let me say sorry for the long wait of my story . Due to my busy working schedule finally grab some time to write this short story .I shall not say much let begin with the story.

Its early Saturday morning we reached school at 0630 am , We are having a class farewell party for our teacher going to retire . The school is deserted on the Saturday which we are back , We gathered in the class room and each of us is being given a task to do the set up for the party .

i was tasked to clean the study desk with chee fa my buddy since pri 1. To clean the desk we have ,to bring the table to the toilet ,to wash it , the toilet we go to use have a bit of history of ghostly disturbs which was told to me by the senior .we went to the toilet to start to clean the desk whiles cleaning  the 1st  few desks we heard some noise from the last door of the toilet .knowing there is no one in the toilet as we checked it before we start to clean the desk .We walked slowly toward the door and shout out please do not disturb us . But it seems the thing is playing with us, we soon see the second door of the toilet door swinging and it is making the sound of door closing and open .

Been afraid we dash out of the toilet and ran back to the class room . When we reach the classroom ,all the classmates saw our pale face and ask what happen to us . We sat down and told them what happen back in the toilet . After a discussion the guy of the class decided to go as a group  to scare the ghost who is disturbing .

We  walked into the toilet armed with broom and mop and chair . We went kick open all the toilet door and nothing happen .  The guys than all help out in washing of the desk to fasten up the pace .Chee fa pull me to go to urine with him as he still have fear . The urine area is those long stretch type in those days . Since i also need to urine i follow him to the area ,as cheefa is urinating he felt he hair from his back standing up. He turned his face backward and see , to his horror he saw a green face and the head has few snakes on it . He tugged my hand and tell me to look backward , but i could not see anything .

Sensing something wrong with air in the toilet is getting colder , my gooseberry also stir up . We hurry walk out into the washing area and wash our hand .Suddenly all the toilet door shut together and all the guy in the toilet rush out of the toilet . We rush back to the classroom and saw our teacher . we bring him to check the place . He after walking around  told us to use another toilet to avoid the ghost disturbs us .