Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i am back with another new story .....

this happen in one of my many jungle adventure , we went to one of the nature reserves park for the trekking . It is a 4 day 3 night trip in the jungle sleeping in tent and climbing . we were very excited with the trip as we can learn most of jungle survivor . 

we walked into the jungle after the coach bus drop us , with us was the guide Linda and some local guide whom we engage  for all our Malaysia jungle trip. It was a long walk into the campsite passing Thur river and bridges . By the time we reach the camp site it already 5pm , we faster put down our bag and start to build our tent to rest for the night . We were told that in the jungle of this area we goes everyone have to stay in the tent at 6pm for 1 hour no sound or movement is allow during this time . if not you will invite the evil sprites near you

I was given to stay with 5 other guy , we pitched our tent within 20min and cook some noodle to eat during the 1 hour no movement time . everyone of us manage to do up the tent and most of us start to hide into our tent to prepare for the what the people name it as the changing shift of day and night animal . As time passes by the sound which is like a cricket ,start to ring out loudly in the quiet night 

All of us could hear the sound which is very far , but as times goes we could hear the sound just around our tent moving round us many times . My school mate , Rahim whose dad's pass him some holy item which is bless by bomoh to protect him from harm . suddenly grab my hand and told me he could hear some one whispering into his ear . With his telling me this the whole tent began to feel super hot like you are in a sauna . 

Rahim move toward him bag and grab the holy item in his arm, he keep quiet and sat into one Coner telling us to keep quiet 1st . We all look quietly at rahim while i could see from him eyes he started to tear out . After a while Rahim open his eyes and he seems to be in pain . He told us to get our bag and move out of the tents . We went to find the local guide  to tell them what happen . Rahim spoke out that the spirits told him that our tent is sleeping on their house and they wanted us to move away .Rahim told us that during the time that he kept quiet actually he was quarreling with the spirits that we don't want to move out of the tent . the spirits than fight with him which make the tent so warm .In the end rahim lose the fight and we have to move out of the tent . 

After hearing our story , the local guide together with some brave guy went to the tent to check out thing . when the guide open the tent what greet them was a pair of red eyes with no body at all . The guide quickly dismantle the tent and told every one to go sleep . It was til the next day , the guide told us that the red eyes is the spirits of butterfly and it have taken over the tent that why he ask us go to sleep

that all for today folks i be back with more 


  1. when i read about red eyes.. i suddenly i recalled RED (retire extremely dangerous) movie by bruce willis and geng .. haha..hope u recover soon !

  2. wow... sometimes such stuff must belief wor !!

  3. you sure have a lot of experiences when it comes to this kind of thing lol

  4. thank for all who have drop by .

    hilda : yeah more coming up soon