Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pulau Ubin encounter

during my secondary school days , BBQ is so common . our group decided to go pulau ubin for the a night of bbq and drinking . We gather about in total 8 person comprise of 6 guy and 2 girlto go for the wild life bbq . We took a boat over to pulau ubin in the afternoon around 1pm . Reach ubin we took a rest at the coffee shop before the long walk with take us about 1 hour to reach the location .

Along the way , we chit chat and have fun teasing each other ,we walk pass the river & forest plantation soon we reach the campsite of ubin . we found a coner facing the sea and build our tent . it took us less dan an hour to set up every thing including a small campfire coner .

Once everything is set up , most of dash into the sea to swim and play around . As night started to fall we begin our bbq , menu of the day chicken wing, hotdog and mashmellow. we gather around the campfire to do our bbq with lots of tiger beer . with the night getting more and more late we still have a lot of chicken wing and hotdog . we play game to make people eat the left over chicken and hotdog. Soon the time reach about 2am with about 5 guys still sitting in front of the camp fires chatting .

David being the daring guy start to talk ghost story as most of us like listening . halfway thru the story , James suddenly stop david from carry on with the story . James point out to us the swing which was in the extreme right of us  is swaying front and back . David the leader of this bbq told us that maybe is just the wind blowing , told us not to take much notice of it .

So we continue to chat and bbq the rest of foods and hear the story eagerly . But some how most of us will still watch whether the swing is still swinging . as the place is quiet in the night soon we heard a crying sound coming from the swing with the swing still swaying .

Sensing the danger David suggest we pack up and move out to the ferry area to wait for the 1st boat out of the island .We pack up and clear the area very fast and wake up those that are sleeping . Before moving out because of old story we hear before . we tag each other using number so that if we heard anybody using name we know it not one of us and any number out of our range .

We were line up with two row with the girl in the middle of the group . we walk out of the seaside and we reach the forest area . along the way we could heard the sound around us like some one running pass us .David suddenly shout out to us to head count the number and the head count was correct . we move more faster as it not suitable to talk anything else due to the danger which we may encounter.

as we walk along toward the river area , the last 2 person david and tommy start to talk very loudly and push us to walk more faster. along the way we could hear something dropping into the river. not once but a few times . all the fast walk make us sweaty and soon we reach the main road to the ferry area .

we sat at the ferry area and asking what happen back there just now , david then actually told us the whole true . rememeber the swing well actually there was this girl sitting on it listen to us and watching us .It is when the swing area start to have more ghost that when david ask us to pack up, in the forest area david saw 2 white figure side by side us moving around and using the finger press on david and tommy arm, which left a dark mark on their arm . into the river area david saw at least two figure . one is jumping into the river another one sit at a coner combing her hair . that is when he push us to walk double speed ..

This is a true story with name change to protect them. thank you all for the patience reading my story

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