Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Pianist

back with another one of my story

this story happen when i around the age of 10 year old in my primary school . our classroom is on the 3 storey of the school, the rear window face the back of terrace houses and overlook an old abandon compound .The old compound has been tear down till  left with only one terrace house with a front curling staircase on the side . The  view if not wrong look very much like a old Chinese school compound .

what so interesting about this old compound that i need to mention after so long .it is an memory that stuck in my life so long . here is what happen .... as our class can see the old compound very clearly from our classroom . we  would always see across . As small kid we are always very curious why there is such building there . let me give a more detail of the building . there is a two storey house , the second floor has a 3 sided fully with half body height see thru window.

As we are in the afternoon class we could hear a piano sound coming from the area . We would hear the wonderful  piano music playing away every evening , which to us is like a music to tell us it about time for us to go home . Its was a nice music play by the piano that soon we found out it not play from any of the other terrace house which still around the area . but... the piano sound is actually coming from no other than the old school compound .

We soon start to notice a movement from the old building , every time when the piano music start to play . There would be a swinging of the one of the window from the building . our group of classmates being curious  decide to send a few daring group of guys over to venture the place . So the next day we went to schools early abit to go check out the place .

It was 10am where we meet outside the school , 5 guys and 3 girl  in all came . we move to the old compound and found a entrance that was not block. As we about to enter the compound the girls decided they would wait for us outside the road side area . i follow the guys into the compound .. as we approach the building we heard the piano music started to sound out . with this sound 2 more guy decided to stop moving forward with me . we are left with dave and william our group most daring guys , they move on to check out the music .

As i was not with them , this is what i heard from them . dave and willaim walk toward the building they open the door at the ground floor what greet them shock them . there in the middle of the building lie a coffin , being afraid they did not go forward to see is there anyone laying in it . So they make their way toward the second floor which the sound of piano come from . they walk slowly up the stair and into the room at the 2nd floor . they saw the paino but...... there is no one playing the piano but the music is coming out from the paino . they saw the swinging window opening and closing by it self no string or anyone make it swing . they wanted to move more into the room but out of sudden a white figure dash across their front . with this they turn around and dash out of the room , and shouted to the rest of us who is waiting for them downstair to run for our life .Soon we reach the road side and meet the girl whom is waiting for us . we  look back into the building and we saw a white figure waving bye bye  to us . Most of us went back home and fell sick for a few days . 


  1. oh my god this is freaking scarry!!!

  2. seems like you have a lot of experience with "them". good life! :D

  3. oh my, I wouldn't know what to do! u guys were very brave...

  4. This really gave me the goosebumps even as I was reading it. I can't imagine how your friends felt when they experienced it.

    On the good side, at least it wasn't a ghost with bad intentions. With that being said, is this compound still there?

  5. er.. it is better that u experienced it than myslf.. hahaha..

  6. Nice childhood story.....miss those old days.

  7. thk to all comment , i am out to scare people heheh