Friday, November 19, 2010

The Lady with Evil Aura

once again i am back with another of my encounter .

this encounter happened on one of our fishing night at bedok jetty . My neighborhood friends almost every fortnight  would gather all fishing kakis to cycle to bedok jetty .We would stay the whole night there just to catch and play card to pass time , not forgetting the group of us would cycle around the whole area .

Normally we would take turn in group of 3-5 to cycle around and then the rest would stay there watch over the fishing lines . it about 2am when david , sam and william went to cycle around the PA area which is not so well litted . On the way they passed by a row of stone chair by the road side , they saw a lady sitted on one of the stone . Sam being one of the most tiko guys , make a move by stopping his bike and spoke to the lady .

david and william stop their bike in a distance and waited for sam , so that they wont distrub sam hooking up the lady . As time passes by sam seem to chat very well with the lady . sam walk to david and william and told them to carry on cycle and come back for him later . But david sensing something strange about this lady told william they would cycle to a further distance and monitor sam and the lady.  they watch sam and lady walk toward one of the bush area , david went forward to pull sam from going with the lady but It seemed sam is in a dazed mood having the eyes of those beings possessed. david told william to get the rest of us which we rush to find sam .

david follow sam and the lady from a distance as he fear the safety of sam . We went to search around the area  where william last depart with david . but daivd was no longer in the area ,so we spread out to search for david . finally we found him in one coner near the forest , and we saw sam in the forest alone talking to a trees .But we could no find any woman describes to us by william .

We walk into the forest and pull sam out , but he seems so wanting to talk to the tree . we had a hard time pullng sam onto the road side , along the way of pulling sam out we could smell a sweet  fragipani smell  . I been thru so much encounter look around the area while the rest of them pull sam . From a coner of my eyes i saw a lady quite plump but have an aura of evil surrounding her . sensing we should not stay in the area too long .

we quickly cycle out of the area with sam on one of the strong guy bike .  when we reach the jetty sam was keeping looking at the forest area and tell us he want to go speak to his friend waiting at him there . We know that at all cost he must not be allow to walk away from our sight . so we keep away all the fishing line and make him sit in the centre of us and us chant prayer . as time passes by soon it was 6am .Sam has fallen asleep in the chanting session . we call a friend who is from the temple to come down to bedok jetty , ah tiong  the tanki  who chant some prayer and wake up sam from his dazed mood . We ask sam did he remember what happened last night  his answer is he only saw the lady after that nothing is in his mind .....

So people lesson learn is dont ever try to pick up lady in the middle of the road which you dun know ....


  1. err, then what hapen to the guy david? he was talking to trees, then...?

  2. spooky. but i think you have to watch out on your grammar lah...

  3. uh..kind of confusing...or isit just me? -.-"""