Saturday, November 27, 2010

japanese soldier from the cannon fort

Yes !!!i back with more story this time chill down deep into my spine . 

   Wind howl loudly around us , we sat in the middle of the camp ground . Waiting nervously for our turn to go for the confident walk . We were pair into group of three to walk into the old cannon fort which will takes us about ten min to complete the walk .

  The group of us from our uniform group about 40 person from all over Singapore , is in the island for our leadership and bonding . Building confident is part of the session which required  us to have as a leader of the uniform group . 

    The clock strike after midnight , as the group start to go slowly into the fort in batch . As our group of three were confident in the pitch dark walk we completed our walk with ease .Soon the time was about three am which samy, devi  and john team begins their walk .As soon as  they went into the front of the cannon fort we could hear a loud scream wail thru the air . Making us those sitted in the middle of the camping site hair stand .

     Officer from the camp rush into the fort  area , they soon emerge carrying samy out of the fort .Bring samy to the center area where we are , they lay him into the ground sheet which we sitted in . Using oilment from one of the camper , they rubbed samy forehead .Soon he regains conscious and sat up. Upon regaining his composure , he told us that he saw a figure in there . To be exact he saw a  Japanese man wearing Japanese uniform . 

    But one of officer think that samy was just trying to fake his way out not to complete the walk . Arranged samy to go in with him one more time so that he got no chance or excuse to be exempted from the walk .Once again samy start to walk into the fort with the officer, they walked thru the 1st part of the fort where the cannon area was samy walk with fear every step . But the officer push him to walk deeper into the fort area . 

   Soon they walked into the storage area where once the cannon bullet is store . It here where samy last saw the Japanese soldier . With every slow step he step forward he pause awhile and look around . But he was been pushed forward by the officer everytime he try to slow down . Suddenly out of the blue he saw a black figure dash passed him , bu it seem only he can see it the officer could not . 

   His eyes follow where the dark figure dash to , to his horror he saw darker figure coming out from the storage room . They were walking toward him, as they came nearer to samy . Samy could see the face of them . Their face look dazed and fixed and all of them wearing the Japanese uniform . The Japanese seem to know that samy can see them , they rush toward him . Samy let out  a scream and pass out again 

   The above story was  told to me by samy after the event the next day , It was a really scary when you hear the scream that day . That all for this story , thank you to all the constructive comment to my story bro's and sis's .....

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