Saturday, November 27, 2010

japanese soldier from the cannon fort

Yes !!!i back with more story this time chill down deep into my spine . 

   Wind howl loudly around us , we sat in the middle of the camp ground . Waiting nervously for our turn to go for the confident walk . We were pair into group of three to walk into the old cannon fort which will takes us about ten min to complete the walk .

  The group of us from our uniform group about 40 person from all over Singapore , is in the island for our leadership and bonding . Building confident is part of the session which required  us to have as a leader of the uniform group . 

    The clock strike after midnight , as the group start to go slowly into the fort in batch . As our group of three were confident in the pitch dark walk we completed our walk with ease .Soon the time was about three am which samy, devi  and john team begins their walk .As soon as  they went into the front of the cannon fort we could hear a loud scream wail thru the air . Making us those sitted in the middle of the camping site hair stand .

     Officer from the camp rush into the fort  area , they soon emerge carrying samy out of the fort .Bring samy to the center area where we are , they lay him into the ground sheet which we sitted in . Using oilment from one of the camper , they rubbed samy forehead .Soon he regains conscious and sat up. Upon regaining his composure , he told us that he saw a figure in there . To be exact he saw a  Japanese man wearing Japanese uniform . 

    But one of officer think that samy was just trying to fake his way out not to complete the walk . Arranged samy to go in with him one more time so that he got no chance or excuse to be exempted from the walk .Once again samy start to walk into the fort with the officer, they walked thru the 1st part of the fort where the cannon area was samy walk with fear every step . But the officer push him to walk deeper into the fort area . 

   Soon they walked into the storage area where once the cannon bullet is store . It here where samy last saw the Japanese soldier . With every slow step he step forward he pause awhile and look around . But he was been pushed forward by the officer everytime he try to slow down . Suddenly out of the blue he saw a black figure dash passed him , bu it seem only he can see it the officer could not . 

   His eyes follow where the dark figure dash to , to his horror he saw darker figure coming out from the storage room . They were walking toward him, as they came nearer to samy . Samy could see the face of them . Their face look dazed and fixed and all of them wearing the Japanese uniform . The Japanese seem to know that samy can see them , they rush toward him . Samy let out  a scream and pass out again 

   The above story was  told to me by samy after the event the next day , It was a really scary when you hear the scream that day . That all for this story , thank you to all the constructive comment to my story bro's and sis's .....

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Lady with Evil Aura

once again i am back with another of my encounter .

this encounter happened on one of our fishing night at bedok jetty . My neighborhood friends almost every fortnight  would gather all fishing kakis to cycle to bedok jetty .We would stay the whole night there just to catch and play card to pass time , not forgetting the group of us would cycle around the whole area .

Normally we would take turn in group of 3-5 to cycle around and then the rest would stay there watch over the fishing lines . it about 2am when david , sam and william went to cycle around the PA area which is not so well litted . On the way they passed by a row of stone chair by the road side , they saw a lady sitted on one of the stone . Sam being one of the most tiko guys , make a move by stopping his bike and spoke to the lady .

david and william stop their bike in a distance and waited for sam , so that they wont distrub sam hooking up the lady . As time passes by sam seem to chat very well with the lady . sam walk to david and william and told them to carry on cycle and come back for him later . But david sensing something strange about this lady told william they would cycle to a further distance and monitor sam and the lady.  they watch sam and lady walk toward one of the bush area , david went forward to pull sam from going with the lady but It seemed sam is in a dazed mood having the eyes of those beings possessed. david told william to get the rest of us which we rush to find sam .

david follow sam and the lady from a distance as he fear the safety of sam . We went to search around the area  where william last depart with david . but daivd was no longer in the area ,so we spread out to search for david . finally we found him in one coner near the forest , and we saw sam in the forest alone talking to a trees .But we could no find any woman describes to us by william .

We walk into the forest and pull sam out , but he seems so wanting to talk to the tree . we had a hard time pullng sam onto the road side , along the way of pulling sam out we could smell a sweet  fragipani smell  . I been thru so much encounter look around the area while the rest of them pull sam . From a coner of my eyes i saw a lady quite plump but have an aura of evil surrounding her . sensing we should not stay in the area too long .

we quickly cycle out of the area with sam on one of the strong guy bike .  when we reach the jetty sam was keeping looking at the forest area and tell us he want to go speak to his friend waiting at him there . We know that at all cost he must not be allow to walk away from our sight . so we keep away all the fishing line and make him sit in the centre of us and us chant prayer . as time passes by soon it was 6am .Sam has fallen asleep in the chanting session . we call a friend who is from the temple to come down to bedok jetty , ah tiong  the tanki  who chant some prayer and wake up sam from his dazed mood . We ask sam did he remember what happened last night  his answer is he only saw the lady after that nothing is in his mind .....

So people lesson learn is dont ever try to pick up lady in the middle of the road which you dun know ....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Pianist

back with another one of my story

this story happen when i around the age of 10 year old in my primary school . our classroom is on the 3 storey of the school, the rear window face the back of terrace houses and overlook an old abandon compound .The old compound has been tear down till  left with only one terrace house with a front curling staircase on the side . The  view if not wrong look very much like a old Chinese school compound .

what so interesting about this old compound that i need to mention after so long .it is an memory that stuck in my life so long . here is what happen .... as our class can see the old compound very clearly from our classroom . we  would always see across . As small kid we are always very curious why there is such building there . let me give a more detail of the building . there is a two storey house , the second floor has a 3 sided fully with half body height see thru window.

As we are in the afternoon class we could hear a piano sound coming from the area . We would hear the wonderful  piano music playing away every evening , which to us is like a music to tell us it about time for us to go home . Its was a nice music play by the piano that soon we found out it not play from any of the other terrace house which still around the area . but... the piano sound is actually coming from no other than the old school compound .

We soon start to notice a movement from the old building , every time when the piano music start to play . There would be a swinging of the one of the window from the building . our group of classmates being curious  decide to send a few daring group of guys over to venture the place . So the next day we went to schools early abit to go check out the place .

It was 10am where we meet outside the school , 5 guys and 3 girl  in all came . we move to the old compound and found a entrance that was not block. As we about to enter the compound the girls decided they would wait for us outside the road side area . i follow the guys into the compound .. as we approach the building we heard the piano music started to sound out . with this sound 2 more guy decided to stop moving forward with me . we are left with dave and william our group most daring guys , they move on to check out the music .

As i was not with them , this is what i heard from them . dave and willaim walk toward the building they open the door at the ground floor what greet them shock them . there in the middle of the building lie a coffin , being afraid they did not go forward to see is there anyone laying in it . So they make their way toward the second floor which the sound of piano come from . they walk slowly up the stair and into the room at the 2nd floor . they saw the paino but...... there is no one playing the piano but the music is coming out from the paino . they saw the swinging window opening and closing by it self no string or anyone make it swing . they wanted to move more into the room but out of sudden a white figure dash across their front . with this they turn around and dash out of the room , and shouted to the rest of us who is waiting for them downstair to run for our life .Soon we reach the road side and meet the girl whom is waiting for us . we  look back into the building and we saw a white figure waving bye bye  to us . Most of us went back home and fell sick for a few days . 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


i am back with another new story .....

this happen in one of my many jungle adventure , we went to one of the nature reserves park for the trekking . It is a 4 day 3 night trip in the jungle sleeping in tent and climbing . we were very excited with the trip as we can learn most of jungle survivor . 

we walked into the jungle after the coach bus drop us , with us was the guide Linda and some local guide whom we engage  for all our Malaysia jungle trip. It was a long walk into the campsite passing Thur river and bridges . By the time we reach the camp site it already 5pm , we faster put down our bag and start to build our tent to rest for the night . We were told that in the jungle of this area we goes everyone have to stay in the tent at 6pm for 1 hour no sound or movement is allow during this time . if not you will invite the evil sprites near you

I was given to stay with 5 other guy , we pitched our tent within 20min and cook some noodle to eat during the 1 hour no movement time . everyone of us manage to do up the tent and most of us start to hide into our tent to prepare for the what the people name it as the changing shift of day and night animal . As time passes by the sound which is like a cricket ,start to ring out loudly in the quiet night 

All of us could hear the sound which is very far , but as times goes we could hear the sound just around our tent moving round us many times . My school mate , Rahim whose dad's pass him some holy item which is bless by bomoh to protect him from harm . suddenly grab my hand and told me he could hear some one whispering into his ear . With his telling me this the whole tent began to feel super hot like you are in a sauna . 

Rahim move toward him bag and grab the holy item in his arm, he keep quiet and sat into one Coner telling us to keep quiet 1st . We all look quietly at rahim while i could see from him eyes he started to tear out . After a while Rahim open his eyes and he seems to be in pain . He told us to get our bag and move out of the tents . We went to find the local guide  to tell them what happen . Rahim spoke out that the spirits told him that our tent is sleeping on their house and they wanted us to move away .Rahim told us that during the time that he kept quiet actually he was quarreling with the spirits that we don't want to move out of the tent . the spirits than fight with him which make the tent so warm .In the end rahim lose the fight and we have to move out of the tent . 

After hearing our story , the local guide together with some brave guy went to the tent to check out thing . when the guide open the tent what greet them was a pair of red eyes with no body at all . The guide quickly dismantle the tent and told every one to go sleep . It was til the next day , the guide told us that the red eyes is the spirits of butterfly and it have taken over the tent that why he ask us go to sleep

that all for today folks i be back with more 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pulau Ubin encounter

during my secondary school days , BBQ is so common . our group decided to go pulau ubin for the a night of bbq and drinking . We gather about in total 8 person comprise of 6 guy and 2 girlto go for the wild life bbq . We took a boat over to pulau ubin in the afternoon around 1pm . Reach ubin we took a rest at the coffee shop before the long walk with take us about 1 hour to reach the location .

Along the way , we chit chat and have fun teasing each other ,we walk pass the river & forest plantation soon we reach the campsite of ubin . we found a coner facing the sea and build our tent . it took us less dan an hour to set up every thing including a small campfire coner .

Once everything is set up , most of dash into the sea to swim and play around . As night started to fall we begin our bbq , menu of the day chicken wing, hotdog and mashmellow. we gather around the campfire to do our bbq with lots of tiger beer . with the night getting more and more late we still have a lot of chicken wing and hotdog . we play game to make people eat the left over chicken and hotdog. Soon the time reach about 2am with about 5 guys still sitting in front of the camp fires chatting .

David being the daring guy start to talk ghost story as most of us like listening . halfway thru the story , James suddenly stop david from carry on with the story . James point out to us the swing which was in the extreme right of us  is swaying front and back . David the leader of this bbq told us that maybe is just the wind blowing , told us not to take much notice of it .

So we continue to chat and bbq the rest of foods and hear the story eagerly . But some how most of us will still watch whether the swing is still swinging . as the place is quiet in the night soon we heard a crying sound coming from the swing with the swing still swaying .

Sensing the danger David suggest we pack up and move out to the ferry area to wait for the 1st boat out of the island .We pack up and clear the area very fast and wake up those that are sleeping . Before moving out because of old story we hear before . we tag each other using number so that if we heard anybody using name we know it not one of us and any number out of our range .

We were line up with two row with the girl in the middle of the group . we walk out of the seaside and we reach the forest area . along the way we could heard the sound around us like some one running pass us .David suddenly shout out to us to head count the number and the head count was correct . we move more faster as it not suitable to talk anything else due to the danger which we may encounter.

as we walk along toward the river area , the last 2 person david and tommy start to talk very loudly and push us to walk more faster. along the way we could hear something dropping into the river. not once but a few times . all the fast walk make us sweaty and soon we reach the main road to the ferry area .

we sat at the ferry area and asking what happen back there just now , david then actually told us the whole true . rememeber the swing well actually there was this girl sitting on it listen to us and watching us .It is when the swing area start to have more ghost that when david ask us to pack up, in the forest area david saw 2 white figure side by side us moving around and using the finger press on david and tommy arm, which left a dark mark on their arm . into the river area david saw at least two figure . one is jumping into the river another one sit at a coner combing her hair . that is when he push us to walk double speed ..

This is a true story with name change to protect them. thank you all for the patience reading my story