Thursday, October 28, 2010

close encounter with the white figure

This story happen way back in the 1989 , if my memory does not fail me this is what happen . Me, Nancy & Lucy been age at the 20s want to stay out late on a Saturday night . let me describe the location of the Ktv abit here . This is a community centre family ktv located somewhere near kovan heartland mall , to get there u can only take cab in or walk thru the park before you can finally see it .

 As the timing most of time was snap up , we settle for the last 3 hour slot . As time passes by , we sang our heart out soon til it time to end the night . We were unable to catch a cab in the CC area, so we decided to take a walk thru the park to kovan heartland mall . It was a bright and clear night and it the month of the hungry ghost . We took a slow and relax walk ,along the way we were having a fun chit chat . 

being the sensitive person to the environment ,suddenly  i have a feeling that we have been watch and the person is staring at us behind a tree about 300 meter from us . As the direction we are going does not endanger us to the person . I paid extra notice to the person behind the tree as i have two ladies with me . I watches the person carefully and the more my hair stand even my arm hair also started to stand . 

I have gone thru a few encounter with quite a few type of supernatural being . So when all my hair started to stand up , i know that the person that was watching at us is not a person . So quietly i pull the two girl whom obviously chatting happily not wary of what is happening around them and told them to haste their footstep .  Nancy my best  friend whom have heard all my story in the past , knew that once i told them to move fast and with the face change    she saw in me . Immediately pull Lucy and told her don't ask anything 1st just walk more faster .

With the faster pace we walk , from the corner of my eyes i saw the white figure float out from behind the tree . Knowing that we should not be in that area for long i asked the ladies to run toward the Hdb void deck . as we run i  keep a look out on the white figure , which is coming toward us from the other side in a very fast pace . I started to chant a prayer which i have learn from a thai master , It seem to work as the white figure dare not come close to us . We continue to run until i could not see the white figure. after the tiring run from it we found a kopitiam to sit down and have a drink . which i told the two ladies what i really saw , after the night i went to look for my master and i was told we are lucky that i have chant the prayer if not our body would be taken over by it . 

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  1. that is freaky....... i wouldn't want to have such experience!